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Break free from the traditional hardware-driven MCR and playout, and transition into the future of broadcasting

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What's Evrideo All About?

The broadcasting space is undergoing tectonic changes, forcing broadcasters to find new and more agile and cost-effective solutions.

The old MCR is obsolete; Broadcasters and content owners seek an easier way to distribute multi-feeds to multi end-takers around the globe, without crashing under the load of hardware and CapEx.

Evrideo’s platform solution solves all of that by enabling you to control your feeds and playout from the cloud, while dramatically cutting down your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

You can manage your entire playout, programming & scheduling, GFX, and MAM from one single dashboard, while expecting only one single invoice.

Our platform suits both heavy-duty CTOs that needs the scale and power, as well as single-channel managers, that are less techy, and wish to enjoy self-serve and automation benefits.

The ultimate power and benefit of our platform underlies  the whole new level of agility, enabling you to distribute your feeds to so many end-points, end-takers, and OTT platforms, at a new level of reliability and speed.

Take our platform for a test-drive, and you'd never look back!


•  Fully Remote Web Interface Operation
•  Add amazing graohics
•  Ultimate Team Collaboration
•  Go Live in few hours

What can you use Evrideo’s Multi-Channel package for?

Broadcast high quality live events

Create a rich, live experience with professional level graphics, and distribute high quality feeds to all over the world.

Go live in few hours

No need to set up complex software and hardware. With evrideo you can start broadcasting your channel in a matter of hours.

Native-Cloud solution

Real native-cloud solution. No orchestration of third party or hardware hybrids, but a real cloud-driven setup.


Outsource All Technical Complexities, security and Maintenance

Switching to Evrideo allows you the freedom to operate without annoying upgrades, CPU speed limits, maintenance.  By outsourcing the above to Evrideo, offers you are able to achieve the ultimate peace of mind.

Delivery and Distribution Unlimited Scalability

Without having to worry about a limit on the number of simultaneous IP outputs from the Evrideo cloud platform, Clients can expand their distribution footprint while growing their business.

Available as both true cloud as well as edge playout

Deliver content directly to the operators using true cloud or edge playout. Both options offer remote playout management for linear TV and OTT channels.

User-friendly, web based UI dashboard

Web Browser access makes it simple to learn and drive all Evrideo features. No more need to switch between different PlayBox/ATHENSA software modules - all Evrideo features are in the same browser window.

Automation for scheduling and monitoring

Automated gap-detection for uploaded Playlists - automated detection, alerting, and filling audiences. Real-time alarms for missing content and more…

The Evrideo flexible user management allows fluent team collaboration of geographically dispersed teams, working together on the creation of the same linear channel. 

Ultimate Team Collaboration

The Evrideo flexible user management allows fluent team collaboration of geographically dispersed teams, working together on the creation of the same linear channel.

TCO Savings

Switching to cloud playout can substantially optimize your signal distribution expenses - direct ZiXi IP delivery is much more cost effective than satellite links and fiber optic lines. Other TCO savings include MCR rental expenses, electricity, redundant ISPs, on-site IT system administrators, etc.

No Strings Attached

Evrideo’s  Service Orders and Playout Agreements are typically 2-years, but the client has the option to opt out of the agreement with a 30-day notice, should his business go down or he no longer needs the channel. ???


SPI International Chooses EVRIDEO’s Cloud-Based Broadcasting Platform to Launch New Services

Outdoor Sport Channel® chooses Evrideo for Cloud based HD/UHD playout and IP distribution

Outdoor Channel (Asia) Chooses EVRIDEO for Cloud-Based Programming & Playout

Côte Ouest Audiovisual from Ivory Coast chooses EVRIDEO for Cloud based programing & playout for their Nina TV channels

BollyWood HD Chooses EVRIDEO’s Cloud-Based Broadcasting Platform to expend and scale their services

How premium live sport channel globally using an edge-based
cloud playout

Technical Specifications

Files , Formats and Codecs

Evrideo supports the following file formats, Audio and Video Codecs in all input resolutions and frame-rates (SD/HD/4K):
Video Codecs: AV/1, HEVC, H264 (MPEG4-AVC), DIVX (MPEG 4 ASP), MPEG ½, VP8/VP9, WMV1/2/3 and more
Audio Codecs (up to 16 Audio Tracks): AV/1, HEVC, H264 (MPEG4-AVC), DIVX (MPEG 4 ASP), MPEG ½, VP8/VP9, WMV1/2/3 and more
File Formats: MPG, MP4, MOV, MXF, AVI, MP3, WAV, WMV, WMA ,OGG and more
Multi-Subs support (up to 16 Subtitles): 890, PAC, SRT, TXT and more

Playout features, Programming & Scheduling

Option to import programs from any scheduling system
Future Preview - option to preview the broadcasted content (including all graphics, audio, subtitles layers) 
Automated gap-detection for Playlist upload- automated detection, alerting and filling 
Scheduler easy-skip to selected item/s & editing and deletion by date and time
Customizable Export as ‘RUN’ log & Export EPG
Real-time alarms for missing content (across the multi-language, multi-subtitle stream)
Blocks - Create blocks of media that contain different types of secondary events
Emergency mode enabling automated switch to fallback content during crash

Media Asset Management

Upload items directly to MAM
TAGS - enabling content tagging for later search/graphics and playlist scheduling 
Crop Settings (file resolution and specs)
Content Preview and QC
Dynamic metadata configuration
Searchable metadata across the system  
Search by filters / Tags
Media Upload Report
Export Full media report
Batch Import - Bucket/Ftp, Automated matching of media to subtitle and Dub files
Download Media - Original/Transcode/Preview
Pack shots - option to upload and associate image files to different media assets in the MAM (enabling easy multi-asset programming at scale) 
Metadata batch editing - Subtitle FPS Offsetting/Cropping. Change ID/Som


Secondary Events Editor High-quality graphics exported from After Effects projects can be uploaded to the system, and the colors, fonts, position, scale, and texts can be edited online   
Import from TGA Sequence, PNG Sequence, MOV file
Floating Media  -  closed GFX that can be upload directly to the MAM
HTML Graphics
Logo Bug - Can be both Static or Animated

What to expreince evrideo Multi-Channel demo?

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How is Evriirdeo different from cloud playout vendors?

The Evrideo platform is native-cloud, for real. Which means, it was built entirely in the cloud, with zero orchestration of third-party and old solutions. We replace the entire stack with one single invoice, no hidden cost, no hidden fees, with a fixed, clear, and fully predictable cost per channel per month.

How is Evrideo different from traditional playout service providers?

Evrideo offers a Native cloud-based broadcasting platform enabling you to replace your traditional on-premise solution, with zero CAPEX and low OPEX, all without compromising your broadcast quality

How secure is the cloud? What if you get hacked?

The Evrideo WebApp works with HTTPS/TLS 1.3 Protocol; a highly reliable encryption for data transfer over the internet.
All the delivered files are stored in two highly secured physical facilities which have a high level of protection.
In addition, all the delivered files are transcoded and encrypted with AES128 encryption, and, Our servers and network are protected with VPN and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
and finally, the delivery to our users is done via ZIXI and encrypted with AES128 encryption

How do you provide 24x7 support? How do you ensure 365x24x7 uptime for my channel?

Another very important part of our service is a 24/7 fully operated NOC, that both monitors the channels, and acts as a human support center to make sure that all your channels are running smoothly

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