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SPI/FILMBOX Moves Its Revolutionary Gaming Channel toCloud-Based Playout by Evrideo

Gametoon is the first SPI/FilmBox channel to take full advantage of Evrideo’scloud-based playout platform.
“We were looking for state of art technology that would be more flexible and helpful
to reduce time to market. By starting to broadcast Gametoon HD from the Evrideoplatform we were able to first test the ground with our new channel’s concept,present it quickly and simply to potential customers and audiences, then deliver the
commercial feed easily with Evrideo’s unique tools” said Guney Yasavur ChiefOperations Officer at SPI International.

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How is Evriirdeo different from cloud playout vendors?

The Evrideo platform is native-cloud, for real. Which means, it was built entirely in the cloud, with zero orchestration of third-party and old solutions. We replace the entire stack with one single invoice, no hidden cost, no hidden fees, with a fixed, clear, and fully predictable cost per channel per month.

How is Evrideo different from traditional playout service providers?

Evrideo offers a Native cloud-based broadcasting platform enabling you to replace your traditional on-premise solution, with zero CAPEX and low OPEX, all without compromising your broadcast quality

How secure is the cloud? What if you get hacked?

The Evrideo WebApp works with HTTPS/TLS 1.3 Protocol; a highly reliable encryption for data transfer over the internet.
All the delivered files are stored in two highly secured physical facilities which have a high level of protection.
In addition, all the delivered files are transcoded and encrypted with AES128 encryption, and, Our servers and network are protected with VPN and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
and finally, the delivery to our users is done via ZIXI and encrypted with AES128 encryption

How do you provide 24x7 support? How do you ensure 365x24x7 uptime for my channel?

Another very important part of our service is a 24/7 fully operated NOC, that both monitors the channels, and acts as a human support center to make sure that all your channels are running smoothly

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