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End-to-End Native Cloud Broadcasting Solution
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Cloud-based content and TV Channels management

Full Playout Programming  & Scheduling 
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Cutting down dramatically your T.C.O

Adapt your unit-economics to the Covid-19 economy 
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A whole new level of agility and speed
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Top Broadcasters Choose Evrideo


Native cloud-based broadcasting platform enabling you to replace your traditional on-premise solution.

You can now easily create, manage and deliver TV channels to any Pay-TV and OTT platform all around the world

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Enabling CTO’s to rewrite the broadcasting playbook. Shift from a hardware-driven and multi-system set-up to a single invoice, cloud-based solution.


Distribute your feeds and broadcast your channels to multiple OTTs worldwide, zero integration, at a ultimate level of speed and reliability.


Everything you need compressed into one, simple, super-easy-to-use stack. A single channel, and a single invoice.

cloud broadcasting platform

Go Live in No Time!

Set up a broadcasting channel over the Cloud, in hours.

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Serving All Types

of Broadcasters

Our SaaS layer and TV matrix enable remote control, easy monitoring, and real-time programming, On-the-Go.

Your team no longer needs to stay behind, and watch the monitors in the control room.

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CTO Package

Enabling CTO’s to rewrite the broadcasting playbook.

Midsize Broadcaster

Shift to a single invoice, cloud-based solution.

Single Channel

Best for single channels and video blogers.


Zero integration, distributing feeds at a whole new level speed and reliability.

New to Broadcasting?

We are happy to get you covered as well!

Sign up to our New Millennial Self-serve package, which was designed to enable broadcasting beginners Go Pro!

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Reduce T.C.O and move your broadcasting channels to the cloud

We power a revolution, helping broadcasters to easily launch many more channels , upload their content library to the cloud, and monetize it across many more platforms worldwide.

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What Our Customers Say About us?

Feith Sath

"Evrideo’s solution changed completely the way we handle broadcasting and licensing. We transitioned from an operations and CapEx intensive channel and content broadcasting kind of broadcaster into a fast, and distribution driven business."

Xeant W.

“Playout technology entrepreneur with proven track record of disruptive success in ‘channel-in-a-box’  him to render most efficient strategies for business development​.​”

Proprietary full-stack.
No hitches, no hooks.

For Real.

Our platform  allows full remote operation and team collaboration on one single interface.
That’s crucial when part of your team, needs to work remotely, or from home.
Covid-friendly set-up is on!

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Evrideo offers an end-to-end, SaaS broadcast platform that replaces the traditional control room.

Operate. Manage. Deliver.

Cloud-based broadcast platform that replaces the on-premise traditional solution, making it quick and easy to create, manage and deliver TV channels to any PayTV and OTT platform

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