Webinar Wednesday, May 26th | 11:00 AM BST | 12:00 AM CET

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Monetizing OTT & FAST Channels in the new Broadcasting Environment

Evrideo for a Round Table discussion, on the ways in which Broadcasters expand their monetization channels via OTT platforms and ad-supported models

If you ever wondered how to launch a FAST channel, what’s needed to turn it into a commercial and successful distribution deal, without cannibalizing other deals you may have, this discussion is for you.

We’d be briefly covering commercial, technical, and operational aspects of launching new and additional channels, and extracting more value from your existing content library.

We are aware that this is a short notice. So if you sign up and do not show up, we promise to share with you a link to the Webinar's recording, so you can watch it later on.

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Webinar Details
Wednesday, May 26th | 11:00 AM BST | 12:00 AM CET
Monetizing OTT & FAST Channels in the new Broadcasting Environment
Contact Details
+1 555 55555  |   info@evrideo.com
About the Speakers
Anna Barbour
Sales Director
Evrideo, UK

Anna is European Sales Director for Evrideo, who provides a BaaS(Broadcast as a Service), Cloud-Playout solution. She has over 10 years of experience in the International Broadcast Media industry. She helps Linear-TV channels of all sizes to optimize their costs, and fast-track their content to global revenue streams by using Evrideo’s advanced technology solutions.

Tanya Kronfli
Partnerships Director
Global Distribution UK

Tanya Kronfli is a founder and managing director of Global Distribution Services, a Dubai based company focusing on TV content licensing to broadcast, cable, OTT platforms and hotels. Following the industry trends the company extended its services to FAST channels distribution and monetization via UK’s connected Freeview.

Nir Gilad

20 years of broadcasting experience and profound knowledge of the entire broadcasting world.

Seed investor in Evrideo and former Co-founder and CEO of Musicoola, acquired by StingRay, a NASDAQ traded Media and Entertainment holding company.

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What can you use Evrideo’s Platform for?
Launch Digital-First Multi Channels

Launch linear OTT channels on leading OTT streaming and vMVPD platforms such as YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Verizon, Sony PlayStation Vue, Roku, Philo, XUMO and Twitch, among others.

Manage Multi-Channel international linear TV feeds from one palce

Deliver content directly to the operators using true cloud or edge playout. Both options offer remote playout management.

Scale your broadcast operations and improve efficiency

Manage hundreds of feeds and scale up at will using cloud and automated processes for QC and MCR monitoring.

Ready to get started?

Create, manage and deliver TV channels (OTT, cable, and satellite) to TV operators, digital platforms (web and mobile) and social platforms. Get channels up and running within hours from a single laptop – no hardware or software required..

Operate. Manage. Deliver.

Cloud-based broadcast platform that replaces the on-premise traditional solution, making it quick and easy to create, manage and deliver TV channels to any PayTV and OTT platform

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