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What can you use Evrideo’s Platform for?

Launch Digital-First Multi Channels in just few hours

Launch linear OTT channels on leading OTT streaming and vMVPD platforms such as YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Verizon, Sony PlayStation Vue, Roku, Philo, XUMO and Twitch, among others.

Remote manage and colaborate a
Multi-Channel international linear TV feeds

Deliver content directly to the operators using true cloud or edge playout. Both options offer remote playout management and team colaboration.

Scale your broadcast operations and improve efficiency

Manage vhundreds of feeds and scale up at will using cloud and automated processes for QC and MCR monitoring.

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    Set up in hours

    SASS monthly plan

    Free remote operation & team management

    Flexibility & Agility Scaleup

    6 months comitment

      What to experience evrideo demo?

      Technical Specifications

      Files , Formats and Codecs

      Evrideo supports the following file formats, Audio and Video Codecs in all input resolutions and frame-rates (SD/HD/4K):
      Video Codecs: AV/1, HEVC, H264 (MPEG4-AVC), DIVX (MPEG 4 ASP), MPEG ½, VP8/VP9, WMV1/2/3 and more
      Audio Codecs (up to 16 Audio Tracks): AV/1, HEVC, H264 (MPEG4-AVC), DIVX (MPEG 4 ASP), MPEG ½, VP8/VP9, WMV1/2/3 and more File Formats: MPG, MP4, MOV, MXF, AVI, MP3, WAV, WMV, WMA ,OGG and more
      Multi-Subs support (up to 16 Subtitles): 890, PAC, SRT, TXT and more

      Playout features, Programming & Scheduling

      Option to import programs from any scheduling system
      Future Preview - option to preview the broadcasted content (including all graphics, audio, subtitles layers)
      Automated gap-detection for Playlist upload- automated detection, alerting and filling
      Scheduler easy-skip to selected item/s & editing and deletion by date and time
      Customizable Export as ‘RUN’ log & Export EPG
      Real-time alarms for missing content (across the multi-language, multi-subtitle stream)
      Blocks - Create blocks of media that contain different types of secondary events
      Emergency mode enabling automated switch to fallback content during crash

      Media Asset Management

      Upload items directly to MAM
      TAGS - enabling content tagging for later search/graphics and playlist scheduling
      Crop Settings (file resolution and specs)
      Content Preview and QC
      Dynamic metadata configuration
      Searchable metadata across the system  
      Search by filters / Tags
      Media Upload Report
      Export Full media report
      Batch Import - Bucket/Ftp, Automated matching of media to subtitle and Dub files
      Download Media - Original/Transcode/Preview
      Pack shots - option to upload and associate image files to different media assets in the MAM (enabling easy multi-asset programming at scale)
      Metadata batch editing - Subtitle FPS Offsetting/Cropping. Change ID/Som


      Secondary Events Editor High-quality graphics exported from After Effects projects can be uploaded to the system, and the colors, fonts, position, scale, and texts can be edited online  
      Import from TGA Sequence, PNG Sequence, MOV file
      Floating Media  -  closed GFX that can be upload directly to the MAM
      HTML Graphics
      Logo Bug - Can be both Static or Animated